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IBM pushes System z10 mainframe as consolidation savior

The IBM System z10 mainframe was announced yesterday and pushed as an attractive server consolidation target for Unix and Linux boxes.

IBM z10 mainframes and event-driven architectures: Pull the trigger

Enterprise driven architectures (EDA) on the IBM z10 mainframe offer real-time business intelligence insights.

IBM chills mainframe New Coke  Register

IBM today is taking the wraps off a new line of entry-level mainframes, the System z10 Business Class server. The z10 BC is a cut-down version of the existing ...

The New IBM z13 Is Not Your Father’s Mainframe  TechCrunch

In a time when IBM has been dumping its x86 server business, and the mainframe would seem a relic of a bygone day, Big Blue took five years and invested a ...

Meet IBM's new $75,000 mainframe  Computerworld

IBM is today announcing the latest successor to what it has called its "business-class" system, the zEnterprise 114, with a starting price of $75000 -- 25% lower ...

Server Snapshots: IBM z10 EC  Server Watch

IBM's latest mainframe, the z10 Enterprise Class (EC) doesn't compare well to the BMW Z10 when it comes to acceleration, cornering or cup holders. But the IBM ...

The mainframe evolves into a new beast in the cloud era  TechRepublic

Cloud computing didn't kill the mainframe. The disruptive technology did, however, cause the mainframe to evolve.

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IBM SYSTEM x3200 SERVER 4362PAT 4362 4362-PAT 1GB w/ HMC 2.10 Mainframe z10
End Date: Saturday Apr-6-2019 9:41:39 PDT
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IBM 45D3857 BPCA-SE2 Power Adapter Mainframe to Laptop Terminal z10
End Date: Wednesday Apr-24-2019 13:50:49 PDT
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     Internet Search Results 

IBM Z Mainframe Servers and Software | IBM
The world is in the midst of a digital transformation. As businesses adapt to capitalize on digital, trust will be the currency that drives this new economy.

IBM eFUSE - Wikipedia
In computing, eFuse is a technology invented by IBM which allows for the dynamic real-time reprogramming of computer chips.Speaking abstractly, computer logic is generally "etched" or "hard-coded" onto a chip and cannot be changed after the chip has finished being manufactured.

Mainframe Server Hardware | IBM
This earlier generation dual frame offered best-in-class security, real-time insights, high performance, and the ability to scale. It was the best mainframe available until the z14.

How to Use RNI - LongEx Mainframe Quarterly
technical: How to Use RNI Relative Nest Intensity (RNI) is the new buzzword amongst anyone working in z/OS performance and capacity. This figure is used to show the relative efficiency of a workload ‐ how much benefit it gets from processor features such as caching and out of order execution.

William Stallings Computer Organization Dr. George Lazik ...
Capacity and Performance: The two most important characteristics of memory Three performance parameters are used: Access time (latency) •For random-access memory it is the

IBM System z9 - Wikipedia
IBM System z9 is a line of IBM mainframe computers.The first models were available on September 16, 2005. The System z9 also marks the end of the previously used eServer zSeries naming convention. It was also the last mainframe computer that NASA ever used.

Here Are 10 of the Oldest IT Systems in the Federal ...
Government information technology systems used to send out alerts about severe weather, process millions of tax returns, track hazardous waste incidents and even protect the U.S. nuclear arsenal ...

COBOL Is Everywhere. Who Will Maintain It? - The New Stack
Think COBOL is dead? About 95 percent of ATM swipes use COBOL code, Reuters reported in April, and the 58-year-old language even powers 80 percent of in-person transactions.In fact, Reuters calculates that there’s still 220 billion lines of COBOL code currently being used in production today, and that every day, COBOL systems handle $3 trillion in commerce.

General Decimal Arithmetic - Speleotrove
Welcome to the General Decimal Arithmetic website, which is now hosted at page and file names here have not been changed from the names used on the previous website,

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